Betelnut New Season

Betelnut Early Bird Export Enquiries,

Terms & conditions apply…


  • Buyers to advise aggregate buying requirement for next cycle…
  • Advance placement of 50%deposit based on aggregate ordering quantity…
  • Blanket purchaae orders with staggered delivery basis throughout the betelnut season cycle.

We will have fresh crops for the coming new season (between November to April). Buyers who want samples will be provided some for viewing; postage costs will be charged, depending on the distance.

For interested buyers, you are encouraged to arrange a date for visits and inspection of our available betelnut stock. The location for the venue for inspection will be determined as the date gets nearer.

The purpose of the buyer’s inspection¬† is to see quality of more betelnuts on hand. It does not mean that is the main stock to buy. On inspection day we will discuss and negotiate with the buyer after they satisfied with quality. Once agreed on price, the buyer MUST pay 50% deposit. This is to secure their ordering requirement, as there are also other buyers wanting to meet their requirements. We need planning in collection and storage. We do not want to over store or over collect. Inventory management suggests that we do not want to over-store or over-collect.

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